Why become an LVZ preferred colleague?

Distinctive Money Management Services

Our team is actively engaged with your investments, freeing up your time so you can give your clients more personal attention.

Business Development Collaboration

We work with our colleagues to grow and enhance their businesses, allowing for improved revenue and customer service.

Marketing Solutions and Coaching

We support your marketing efforts with resources, services, and coaching to help you spread your message and earn new clients.

Why LVZ?

While other firms treat you like a number, LVZ’s experienced team of financial professionals and consultants will help you grow your business, increase your profits, and take care of your clients.

Our Team

LVZ’s team has a wealth of knowledge and experience, fully equipping us to manage your clients’ assets. We can also help you grow your business through the coaching and advice of our three seasoned partners.

Our Story

We used to use third party money managers ourselves—and that’s why we’re dedicated to treating you like colleagues whose businesses we want to help grow, not customers we keep at arm’s length.

Our Philosophy

There is always a market sector rising or falling at a greater rate than other sectors. Our objective is to increase investment in those sectors which are showing momentum, and reduce our investment in those that are lagging.

The Preferred Colleagues Program

LVZ Advisors partners with its preferred colleagues to provide money management services to their clients. We work behind-the-scenes, supporting you so you can dedicate your time and effort to serving your clients and growing your business.